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The Chattanooga Facility Staff

Hope-Obi Photo (E) 2021-8-17.jpg

Hope Reneau, MSW, LCSW, C-DBT

Founder & CEO,

The Middle Path, Inc.

Julia Wood, M.D.


Nicki Durisseau, LPC-MHSP

Vice President

Jackie Zgiet, PMHNP

Catherine Carter Photo 2022-8-31.jpg

Catherine Carter, LMSW

Intake Coordinator

Jeff Smalley.jpg

Jeff Smalley
Office Manager


Lauren Fugate, LPC-MHSP

Director, Clinical Assessments

Jennifer Philips, FNP

Therapists Are Available For Individual Outpatient Therapy.  Click On Their Personal Biography Link For Information On How To Contact Them

AmicoM cPherson Photo E .jpg

Amiko McPhearson, LPC-MHSP
LGBTQ+ Group Therapist

Samantha Pitkin 2021-4-11.jpg

Samantha Pitkin, LCSW
Virtual Group Therapist


Adam McCloud,

Virtual Therapist for Teens

Megan McNamara 2018-7-19 IMG_2320.jpg

Megan MacNamera, Ph.D.
Virtual IOP Adult Therapist

Allison Crane, LCSW Photo 2023-7-10.jpg

Alison Crane, LCSW
Group Therapist

TMP Pic.jpg

Amanda Fresnics, LCSW
Group Therapist

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