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Teen horticulture activity planting herbs at The Middle Path


Messages of LOVE crafted by preteens for nursing home residents

Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a type of Cognitive Behavioral Therapy (CBT) that is concerned with the mental process of perception, memory, judgment and reasoning.  DBT takes CBT therapy forward by examining personal emotions and the choices that one can make to reduce negative thoughts and improve well-being.  An important goal of DBT is to teach clients the skill to cope with stress, regulate emotions and improve relationships with one another.  Mindfullness, one of the core concepts of DBT, helps individuals accept and tolerate the powerful emotions they may feel when attempting to change their habits or exposing themselves to upsetting situations.  Within DBT, mindfulness addresses the ability to pay attention to the present moment; it is about living in the moment, experiencing one’s emotions and senses fully, yet with a broad view of life’s complex situations.

The Middle Path’s goal is to help preteens and teens become capable of calmly recognizing negative situations and their impact rather than becoming overwhelmed or hiding from them.  This allows preteens and teens to make wise decisions about whether and how to take action, rather than falling into intense, desperate, and often destructive emotional reactions.

If your preteen or teen experiences symptoms of:

   *  Impulsiveness

  • Frequent interpersonal conflict

  • Difficulty with emotional regulation

  • Anger

  • Poor coping in stressful situations

  • Self harm


… Then DBT may be successful in helping.

The Middle Path’s Intensive Outpatient Program (IOP), using DBT as its intervention, will help your preteen or teen more effectively manage extreme patterns of thought and behavior in order to achieve a greater balance in life.  This program is a skills-based program for individuals who may be struggling with emotional regulation.  It is a holistic or integrated form of therapy; it is a healing process supported by Yoga, Art Therapy, Meditation Training, Horticulture Therapy, Equine Therapy (therapy with horses --  EGALA Therapy), Emotional Freedom Technique (EFT), Music and the therapy of the Drum Circle.  Additionally, a Comprehensive DBT Skills Group is offered weekly (please see Programs Schedules for the times of day).

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