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Client's Symptoms Decrease In 8-Weeks!

The following statistical information reflects our experience with our clients

DASS Score Change Chart 202
DASS Severity Change Chart 2023

DASS 21 Score is an evidence based test that measures depression, anxiety and stress.  Clients are given the test in the day they enter the program and in the day they leave in order to measure the change.

The Middle Path, Inc., is a holistic intensive outpatient program (IOP) providing treatment rooted in DBT and mindfulness.  We use an integrated treatment model consisting of therapeutic groups, equine therapy, art, music, horticulture therapy, yoga, and meditation designed to allow clients to live the skills they learn during treatment.

We believe the satisfaction of our clients is directly related to the small group  sizes, individual attention, recognition of the importance of support system education, and services provided above and beyond the norm for intensive outpatient programs.  The exceptional level of care provided at the Middle Path has resulted in unparalleled clinical outcomes.  Clients often find The Middle Path after many failed attempts at treatment and are amazed at their progress as indicated by the DASS 21 scores.

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