Megan MacNamara, Ph.D.

Group Therapist

Megan MacNamara, Ph.D.

Dr. Megan MacNamara is a DBT & EMDR Psychologist. She graduated from UT with her Ph.D. She began her private practice as a trauma therapist twelve years ago in downtown Knoxville and then Maryville.

She helps adults and teens overcome trauma by rewiring the brain and creating a life worth living mindset with individual and group therapy.

EMDR is a great way to heal trauma after you learn the skills to cope with DBT. She continues her private practice just a few blocks away from Middle Path Maryville.

She was Adult IOP director of Knoxville and led the adult group for three years. She is happy to return to Middle Path Maryville to run the Teen IOP group. She enjoys holistic approaches to healing and mindfulness.

She enjoys spending time with her family & outdoors.

Megan MacNamara, Ph.D.