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Ride The Wave
523 Lamar Alexander Parkway, Ste 8
Maryville, TN 37803
(865) 560-6770

The Middle Path, Inc. and Ride The Wave, LLC. have partnered to provide this affordable and effective program to companies that are ready to improve the lives of their workers!


We are all seeing some of the highest levels of workplace stress and burnout! Workers are tired and exhausted and want to learn how to better cope and manage stress.

After receiving our Weekly Wellness Newsletter and video, workers are reporting feeling more cared for and supported at work.  As well as, more hopeful and energized!

This small investment into yourself and workers can:


  1. Reduce the # of sick and personal days off work

  2. Increase concentration and productivity

  3. Increase group cohesion, community, and workplace cohesion

  4. Increase overall work satisfaction–leading to less turnover

The response:

“I have never in my history of employment had an employer invest in my mental health like this.  I feel like my employer values my mental health and overall wellness. I am learning practical and useful techniques that really do make a difference.”

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