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Carl Counts, LPC-MHSP

Revitalist Clinician

Carl Counts

Carl is a Licensed Professional Counselor / Mental Health Service
Provider (LPC-MHSP) and LPC-MHSP Approved Supervisor by the state of
Tennessee. He has over 20 years of experience and has built a strong
foundation as a counselor by helping individuals and families in a
variety of roles and settings including outpatient, intensive
outpatient, in-home, and in schools. He has supervised clinical staff
including therapists and case managers and has directed numerous
clinical programs and sites.

Carl enjoys working with individuals of all ages and their families. He
is trained in marriage and family therapy including internal family
systems and has specialized training in Solution Focused Therapy and
Trauma Focused Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. Carl meets people where
they are at in their lives and makes sure they feel accepted,
understood, and heard. Carl helps people process events in their lives
including childhood trauma as well as work through current events,
stressors, and relationships issues. He helps people move past feeling
overwhelmed with feelings of depression and anxiety and to realize
choices they have in their lives so they can start a a new journey and
enjoy their lives.

Carl enjoys working out, sports, and time outdoors. Time outdoors
includes things like hiking or simply working in the yard. He also
enjoys coffee, Mexican food and most of all time with his family and

Carl Counts, LPC-MHSP
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