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Adam Kuykendall, LPC-MHSP

Group Therapist

Adam J. Kuykendall is a Licensed Professional Counselor in Tennessee who has been practicing since 2020. He has a Master of Arts in Clinical Mental Health Counseling from Antioch University and a Bachelor of Arts in Creative Writing/Literature in the English Language from Virginia Intermont College. Adam likes to explore a client's experiences through multiple creative interventions including narrative, experiential, and logo-centered techniques.
He has experience providing psychoeducation on DBT and Seeking Safety models in group therapy and also facilitating family sessions to clarify and develop appropriate communication skills among its members. Adam's main purpose with adolescents has been emotion and behavior regulation and with adults has been self-discovery and finding meaning.
He also has a history of counseling people with more severe mental health issues in an inpatient setting like schizophrenia/schizoaffective, dementia, autism spectrum, and other forms which include depersonalization/derealization symptoms

Adam Kuykendall, LPC-MHSP
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