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Gudrun Strmic, Licensed Massage Therapist & Bodyworker, Certified MyoKinesthetic Practitioner


Personal Biography

I started massage therapy with a strong base in neuromuscular massage and continued my education to become a Certified MyoKinesthetic Practitioner, one of about 250 in the world.  It's a nervous system treatment that alleviates or eliminates pain.  

I incorporate postural balancing, acupressure, reflexology, trigger point therapy, tapping, Traditional Chinese Medicine (meridians) and much more.  Using this varied background of knowledge, I have created my own style of treatment that is effective and efficient as a Pain Relief Specialist.

In addition to the physical modalities, I add another layer of healing using Reiki & vibrational energy.  This creates a balanced, intuitive session tailored to each client.  Releasing “stuck” muscles helps with releasing “stuck” thought patterns that are often unhelpful.  Tight fascia, muscles and joints often means rigid thinking.  Working on both the energetic level and the physical plane with massage modalities allows me to get to true root causes for sustained healing.

Also Certified as a Holistic Nutritionist, I am able to further help my clients on their quest for a pain free and healthy lifestyle.  I offer clients ways to incorporate healthier choices and make them aware of the many benefits of doing so.


Member of American Massage Therapy Association ( and National Certification for Therapeutic Massage & Bodywork (

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