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Amanda Custer, M.Ed., LMSW, Personal Biography



My name is Amanda Custer and I am a Licensed Master Level Social Worker who lives in Charleston, South Carolina where I have worked with individuals, couples, and families for 32 years.  It has been a privilege to work as a therapist serving and supporting those committed to caring for their emotional and mental health needs.  I have witnessed incredible transformations in the lives of my clients which has been both professionally and personally rewarding and has inspired my own journey as a therapist.  I have a passion for working with the first responder community and have done so since 2007.  Through the South Carolina Department of Mental Health, I assisted in the development of a program specifically designed to provide services for the first responder community  and served as both the clinical supervisor and as a therapist there until I retired from the department in 2018.  I was honored to work with Firefighters, EMS Personnel, Law Enforcement, and 911 Telecommunicators locally as well as throughout the state of South Carolina and beyond to address such issues as trauma, stress, family conflict, anger, anxiety, depression, and substance use.   I am excited to continue my clinical work with first responders in the Charleston office through the Intensive Outpatient Program located at The Middle Path of Barrier Islands.  In addition, I deliver workshops providing Dialectal Behavioral Therapy skills building to the first responder community.  These workshops introduce and promote DBT skills to address the unique needs of this community to include providing support after critical incidents.  I also continue to serve as an advisor and peer consultant with the Lowcountry Firefighter Support Team which allows me to provide behavioral health support to the team as well as to any first responder needing assistance. 

As an IOP therapist I look forward to working with you in a confidential, supportive, and caring environment that is mindful of your specific needs.  Remember, there is always the opportunity for positive and life altering change.  I am excited to be on this new path with you!

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