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Julie Jerrolds, LPC-MHSP, Professional Biography

Julie Jerrolds is a Licensed Professional Counselor & Mental Health Service Provider (LPC, MHSP) with over 24 years in the field of counseling.  Having worked in areas of trauma recovery, family counseling, addiction, team building & guidance, Julie offers many perspectives when helping clients for whatever reason(s) they come for counseling.  She is trained & Certified in several different modalities. Among them are Certification in EMDR (Eye Movement Desensitization and Reprocessing),  O.K. Corral Certified, Natural Lifemanship, Equine-Assisted-EMDR (Equilateral) Certified, DBT, CBT & other Experiential Therapies.  Julie also provides Supervision for counselors wanting to obtain their 1

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