Aline Defiglia, LCSW, Personal Biography

Phone: (773) 888-2713

I am a Clinical Social worker with over 14+ years of experience serving a diverse range of clients and 10+ years in the mental health field.  My psychotherapeutic work is both a calling and a passion for me as I focus on an integrated and holistic (mind and body) approach to transformation and it is an honor to witness my clients regain their sense of confidence, purpose and skill to live their best life.

I hold additional certifications and training in addiction, trauma, biofeedback, clinical hypnotherapy, Dialectical Behavior, acupressure or EFT, senior advising, a team performance assessment and transformation.

I work with clients as a DBT skills facilitator at The Middle Path, Chattanooga, and also in my private practice through in-person and telehealth coaching and therapy sessions, as well as workshops and speaking engagements.