Meredith Wood, LPC-MHSP

Group Therapist

Francis LeBuffe, M.D.

Jennifer Corn

Office Manager

Cheryl Jones, M.A.

Intake Coordinator

Renae Turner, CTRS

Director of Operations and Business Development

Daphne Crawford, LCSW

Group Therapist

Blair Cobb, LCSW

Group Therapist

Cameron Davis, B.A.

Therapist Assistant

Lynne Sparrow, LPC-MHSP, NCC

Group Therapist

David Pease, M.A.

Horticulture Therapist

And Therapist Assistant

Hope Reneau, LCSW


Allison Lowe, LPN-MHSP

Group Therapist

John Kupfner, M.D.

Megan McNamara, Ph.D.

Group Therapist PRN